Bowmore 1990 Mizunara PX 31 Years

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Products description

A unique Mizunara single cask seasoned with PX sherry in Jerez for nearly 3 years
ABV: 50.5% Vol: 70CLe Cask #: 3969
Non-Chill Filtered Natural Colour
Cask Type: PX Sherry Wood Type: Mizunara
Aged Over 31 YEARS
This Single Malt Scotch Whisky was distilled in November of 1990 at the Bowmore Distillery and then aged for over 29 years in a hogshead. It is the first of its kind to be finished in a PX-seasoned Mizunara Oak cask from Hokkaido. The renowned Bodega, Fernando de Castilla, was pivotal in carrying out the Mizunara Seasoning for nearly 3 years in Jerez, Spain. The Mizunara Wood itself was dried for 3 years before being coopered to measure by one of Japan’s most renowned cooperages. This whisky is also the sister cask to one of East Asia Whisky Company’s other Bowmore release from the Japan Edition, Cask No. 3974 which was distilled on the same day as part of the same batch!. Collectors will be able to explore the impact of different casks on the same spirit! A very unique experience.
Using only the finest FSC® certified walnut wood, this release comes with a custom gift box and presentation case that was designed with laser-etched Japanese cloud patterns on the box and over the closing edge. The laser etching was calibrated to the perfect temperature and speed such that the engraving pops with a dark charred golden brown. Both the magnets and hinges use pure copper finishes to pay tribute to the material used to make this whisky.
Vintage: 1990 Bottled: 2022 Cask: #3969 ABV: 50.5% Volume: 700ml Bottles: 161 Type: PX/MIZ
Bowmore 1990 Mizunara PX 31 Years
Bowmore 1990 Mizunara PX 31 Years
Bowmore 1990 Mizunara PX 31 Years
Bowmore 1990 Mizunara PX 31 Years