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Whisky is the water of life. It is a drink that relaxes us and makes us happy. Whisky is also a drink that brings us together. We drink it with friends and share good conversations over a glass. Whisky is special and should be drunk with respect.

One must always be ahead of life by at least one whisky

Humphrey Bogart

For everyone, there is that one special hobby that makes him or her satisfied and happy. The first taste was strange. But then a friend once introduced me to better whisky varieties, and so the hobby quickly became a passion.
I am focused on giving my hobby a nice side effect. Happiness, health and especially time are the highest goods in life and I thank everyone who supports me and makes my dream / goal come true!


VL Whisky & friends

We carry many different whiskey bottlings from around the world, from big names to small distilleries. So you are spoiled for choice! Whisky is now popular worldwide and whisky distilleries now exist on almost every continent. Many whiskies have reached an impressive quality, so that even a Japanese whisky has now been named the best whisky in the world. Other regions of the world have also attracted attention with excellent whiskies. 

What makes Japanese whisky so special?

Its unique taste and the high quality of the ingredients are unsurpassed. Enjoy this excellent whiskey and let yourself be enchanted by its fascination!

Scotch whisky is a worldwide trend

The increasing global demand for Scotch whisky has led to an upsurge in the whisky scene there. Scotland and Ireland are now considered the countries where the whisky was born.

Indian whiskey is something very special

It convinces with its unmistakable aroma and the manifold nuances of taste. Indian whiskey is a true pleasure for all the senses. Try it out.

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The service I provide to my customers is second to none. I always strive to provide the best quality and ensure that my customers are satisfied.


VL Whisky

For me, the focus is clearly on the incomparable taste!


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Of course, you will also find the classics of the spirits world in our assortment.


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